Monday, July 19, 2010

Haverhill E-mail Discussion List

The Haverhill Corner Library has decided to establish a community e-mail discussion list, and we invite you to join and to help in spreading the word.

If you’ve not encountered them, these town discussion lists are a means of sharing news and announcements with your neighbors. You send an e-mail message to the list address, and it is automatically distributed to all subscribers. Common topics include: requests for recommendations of plumbers, electricians, or other service providers; announcements of community news and events; yard sales; wildlife sightings; town governance issues; etc.

We have established the list "HaverhillNH" for residents of Haverhill and vicinity, with an emphasis on the precinct of Haverhill Corner. To subscribe, you may:

1. Send a blank e-mail message to this address:

You’ll receive a note in response asking you to send another message to confirm your subscription request. Or:

2. You may go to the Yahoo Groups page at:

and join from there. They will ask you to establish a free Yahoo Groups account for yourself if you go this route. It is NOT necessary to create an account in order to subscribe to the list, but Yahoo will try to push you towards that so they can collect information about you.

Please note that this is in no way an official discussion list of the Town of Haverhill, the Precinct of Haverhill Corner, or the Haverhill Corner Library. The list will be unmoderated, though the library reserves the right to remove users at its discretion, with or without warning. We expect users to be civil and respectful of others, to maintain the focus on topics of local interest, and to refrain from ongoing commercial or marketing campaigns. We hope that the list community will be, to a large extent, responsible and self-regulating.

We hope that you will consider subscribing to the list and helping to make it a useful resource. And we hope that you will e-mail other area residents, and encourage them to join.

Thank you!

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